How to Seduce Women


Try starting talks with him, talk confidently, but do not attempt to cool, smart ass, smartass or jaim, plain wrote first.
Maybe you fake a confident start but he will respond you naturally
Practice beforehand with another girl. There are two options here: the girl who had come to know and you think he's easily obtainable, or people you know but you do not feel confident with it. Practice these things, anyway it does not matter if it fails because he is not the main target you right? Learn how the response, acted and continues to increase to-pedean you. WARNING!! Do not make toys yaa!! Do not let him fall in love with you because remember! He's just a friend

4.     Throw light humor or jokes, jokes to warm the atmosphere, or if you see a girl that smart ass .. you should play dumb and keep attention, nodding his words, the girl will think you are a thoughtful listener.
Show and make sure that you master what you say, do not try to tell you that you're not or you too over-exaggerated. Avoid the word "I" too often. Expand the "ooohh so yes .." or "hmmm .. you're right .."
If you slip with the words that trap, set it with a joke and make a new humor of the condition. No need to stress but smart and fun.
Sit close to him and keep a distance of approximately 2 chairs, do not look from the neck down, but try talking face-to-mouth.
Do not get too used to joke note if you joke with a fake smile in reply. If she smiles without moving the muscles in his eyes clearly means it's fake.
Learn gaze and direction of his eyes while talking, if he looked to the right of the mean is thinking about the future and vice versa if you look down to the left, past lalulah who are into mind.
Do not be too pushy to him talk, when suddenly he had to go, you do not need to be too shocked and jumped and said "Ok .. Ok .. I'll see ya .." but take it easy and say "yes Asik chat with you, sometime we talk again huh? Ok .. byee .." he gave attention and avoid "jutex" or pretending to need ga .. You need him right?

Important Tips

Make sure you are not body odor, bad breath or overly perfumed
Decent clothes, no dog-eared because you want him to pay attention to it .. And Be Funny, Charming ..
Neat hair and brush your teeth, bershampoo who has a soft fragrant. Girls judge guys also of the smell, you know ...!
Do not master it, especially if he's too charming and very sexy ... Remember you are trying to get them not to make him afraid of you.
Note the contents of your pockets .. Do not ever try to seduce a beautiful girl but empty your pockets. Nowadays all assessed with the material, how he believes you want to watch or take a date if you're broke .. (Hareeee geneeee ... hahahaaha)


Be prepared if you do get rejected but was rebuffed. Rejection happen to anyone, even Tom Cruise though often denied.
Do not let him not interested at all with you. Know him well, takes time and do not rush .. learned .. investigate and see ..
Do not ask her to be alone with you at the beginning of your date, but pertemukanlah on your friends and get them all the way together. Keakrabanmu and your value in the eyes of your friends can be valuable for a beautiful girl craving.

Good luck ya! Confident is the basis of all the above points ..

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